Butterflies, Dancing, and Best Friends…

My knitting…Soay is going amazingly well…

I got so much done during the week…haha

Jeeves approves….whole-heartedly, haha :-P

I do apologize for not posting at all last week…in fact, I think I completely missed a Quotable Friday…how horrible of me. But, I had so much fun the entire week…

We made key lime pie. And due to the fact that lime juice either isn’t in season or we couldn’t find it, meant that we had to…hand squeeze all the limes.

Like…a lot of limes. But was it worth it..? Ooooh yes, haha.

Then there was the ball… and I’m just going to say that that was MORE THAN AMAZINGLY AWESOME, because I don’t think I can actually…describe how amazingly awesome it was. It was *that* awesome…

One of the days, we went to Museum of Natural Science in downtownish/Museum District. We saw the gems (which no matter how many times I see, I always enjoy them…) we saw the Texas exhibit…which was definitely interesting. And we saw the butterflies. Which…was so cool.

Because…because it was so warm that day, all the butterflies were up and about…there were millions flying everrrrywhere. Never seen that before, and it was uberly cool.

Haha, this is just a small glance at all the amazingly awesome things we did …And so many more fun things happened, so many inside jokes were created (like so many, I can’t even remember all of them…)

But then we had to drop them off at the airport…and it was sad. But all more than amazingly awesome things must come to an end….unfortunately…

*who cares about the probably bad quality of the picture. it needs to be posted, shared, and loved.*

In other words, I have some of the bestest friends ever. And I stinking loved having them come visit. I’m sad that they’er gone…and I hope that they either come back…or we go visit them soon :-)

Another knitting knote…

I finished those socks :-)


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