Soay and LIMEY!

My Soay…it’s going along splendidly…very slow, but very awesome :-P

And guess who I’m knitting with???

Someone…who is amazingly awesome. Someone who I’m helping them with their Shalom. Someone who was part of the KAL that I did awhile ago…

That someone also has a blog, which you should check out….fo serious. Cause her stuff is SO AMAZING. It’s like…gaah!

Just the fact that she’s sitting in my room…LIVE, not on a webcam, drinking unsweetened tea is still amazing to me. And I’m so happy she (and her brother, haha) are here :-P

And this is just the beginning!

So, if I do not post…as regularly as normal this week…you’ll know that I’m hanging out with awesome people :-P


3 thoughts on “Soay and LIMEY!

  1. Lady Amy says:

    Emily!!! Lucky dog…:)

    Oh by the way, I’m just a random friend of Emily’s, though I have read your blog for some time being somewhat of a yarn fanatic myself. (although I think you met my brother at a wedding in October.)

    ~Amy A~

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