Musical Monday!! + FO: Big Blue…!! !!! !!!!

This song just makes me happy. Like…stinking happy. Like…”I’m so happy that I’m seriously bouncing up and down” happy.

This may be because most times when I hear this song, it’s at a ball practice…or something. And that makes me happy.

But I’m really really REALLY happy right now. Wanna know why? There are two reasons.

One…TOMORROW IS TUESDAY. and that’s all I need to say. (Dunno what’s happening on Tuesday? You can find out hereeee)



Could that be?! Could that be…Big Blue?! That thing that caused many tears? That thing that I had to rip out and re-do because I was stupidly stupid??

Yes, that is Big Blue. Done. Done done done. Not in the house anymore…but it’s hanging in Yarntopia in all it’s glory.

IT’S DONE. I still can’t believe it…

I must say…that my seaming has definitely gotten about 90% better after this experience :-P And I now understand the GREAT IMPORTANCE of getting gauge. At the beginning of the project. Not after you’ve made it once, and then have to re-knit the entire thing….haha :-P Good things to know, haha.

Soooo….I may have gotten more yarn….

But, I mean, it’s totally understandable, right?! I just…worked SO hard on Big Blue…got it done and everything. And didn’t die. So. I deserve more yarn.

Not like I don’t have enough yarn already….but I mean….come on….if you’re a knitter, you’ll understand. Haha :-P I just NEEDED MORE YARN. It’s like…going to the spa…? It’s a reward. Celebration. Whatever you wanna call it, haha.

Anyways…this is Tahki’s Cotton Classic Lite… color

Which I got to make Soay

The amazingly cute sweater/cardigan/thing.

I’m planning on finishing the Purple Tweed...(which needs a name…I KNOW. Wait. Maybe…maybe not. It’ll be in another post :-P Meanwhile, what do *YOU* think the purple tweed should be named??)

(On second thought, it already has a name…”Wednesday”. But..I want to give it another name. Because it adds character to the project, haha)

ANYWAYS. I want to finish the Purple Tweed/Wednesday first before starting Soay.

(mad props and major thanks to Joey who kindly took the action shots :-P)

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to be able to write about starting something…without having to say…

“…well, I should be working on Big Blue.” or… “*after* I finish Big Blue, I’ll start it..”

*explodes for multiple reasons*





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