Quotable Friday!! + Big Blue + Soay

” Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside” ~ Dr. Melba Colgrove.

I don’t think there are words…to describe how excited I am right now. *wiggles horizontally*

because….on Tuesday. At…8 something. We are going to the airport. To pick up two amazingly awesome people. Who are going to be staying for a *WEEK*. And also come to the ball on Saturday.

So yeah, my insides are grinning right now. Like a lot. And I really like that feeling, haha.

Big Blue? I’ve got like an inch and a half left of seaming on the neck. Then the side and sleeve seams.

(I took these pictures yesterday, so I’ve made more progress since then :-P)

…Which, due to the drastically different size…apposed to last time…it definitely shouldn’t take long at all.

Big Blue will probably be one of my biggest accomplishments. Because, I mean….I knit the whole thing *twice*…in a row.

Plus, I’ve learned a *ton* from doing it twice, haha. But that’s a totally different post :-P

Quick side note: Gudrun Johnston, the Shetland Trader, published this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE little cardigan/sweater thing…It’s called Soay.

it calls for sport weight yarn…which is so convenient, because I happen to have just gotten a ton of sport weight at the Yarns 2 Ewe closing sale

I’m definitely going to be making this. And I can’t *wait* to start it, haha :-P

Only *4* more stinking days till Tuesday!! *explodes*

Jeeves is also really really excited, haha.


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