Wednesday Heather

If you showed this to someone…knitter or non-knitter. And told them that this was going to be a long vest-ish type thing…do you think they would believe you?

That thing, is going to be a long vest-ish thing. Yeah, I don’t really believe it either…

But I’m just trusting the pattern, haha. It’s Wednesday out of Louisa Harding’s Blue Monday

Using the same yarn it calls for…Willow Tweed in 11 – Heather

Needle size…3.75 mm (US 5) and 4.5 mm (US 7)

So yep :-P I’m excited about this one (is there any knitting project that I’m *not* excited about? haha :-P) and I’m very interested as to how exactly putting it together will end up…

I’m also loving the tweediness of the yarn…I hadn’t really knit with anything tweed before this…but now that I have, it’s like “OH MY GOODNESS. it’s TWEED. I, therefore, adore it!!”

Jeeves loves that chair…for some reason, I have no idea. It’s not really that soft either, haha. He heads straight for the chair whenever he waddles into my room, haha. Which is totally ok with me, haha.

Then Bertie, who was on a catnip high, was obsessed with playing with light that was shining on his collar and wiggling around…obviously because he was moving, haha.

….Silly cat :-P


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