Musical Monday!! + iCords + Elmo Fuzz

Happy Monday, everyone :-)

There is Big Blue. In all it’s blocked glory. So begins the process of putting it together :-)

*cue victory dance* *cue happy music* *cue confetti* aaaaaHAHAHAHAAAA. Yeah, I’m excited, haha.

Jeeves is too cute.

Bertie is also too cute. *Oooooh my goodness* So adorable. SO ADORABLE. *gets the kitty-kitties*

I have decided on a name for this. It’s going to be called the Elmo Fuzz cardigan. Or just Elmo Fuzz.

Because…1) it’s exactly Elmo’s color. and 2) it’s slightly felting as I work with it, haha. And getting little itty bitty fuzzies all over it. And just “Elmo Fuzz” is…yeah, it’s awesome. Long story why it’s awesome, just trust me, haha.

I learned how to do the iCord (technically I-Cord, but I think iCord is *way* cooler, haha) cast off. Which now I’m in love with…it turned out so nicely! Definitely going to be doing that again. Plus, it was really really easy. Even better, haha.

I used verypinkknit’s tutorial on YouTube, and it was really helpful! All of her tutorials are amazingly easy to understand and cause all the nervousness about trying something new blow away, haha.

I’m a yarn junkie, and I’m proud of it.

…that should be on a t-shirt or something. *ideas*


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