Blockin’, blockin’, blockin’ Big Blue!!

I would like to announce to everyone that I am about to block Big Blue. (Note: Above picture was taken right when I had to restart. Mostly all of that is knit up again, haha)

Yes, I am *that* close. Again…

Here’s the History of Big Blue. It’s a rather sad history…but nothing but good and learning has come out of it, haha. Definitely a good thing :-P

So basically, I will have knit this pattern *twice*….in a row. Pretty much.

I finished both sleeves last night. Thank goodness I did two at a time…otherwise I would be…really depressed, haha.

Sooo…after I get done with some driving with my dad…I’ll start blocking it. And then I can put it together. and THEN. Ooooh my goodness. It’ll be *whispers* done. ….!! Wheeee! Just too excitingness.

Drove halfway home from church again today. Didn’t die…this is definitely an accomplishment. Like I said, my dad and I are going out this afternoon…but I’m not sure where. And I was also told that I’m driving the *entire* way to church next week.

Minus the highways…

….so we’re talking like 30-45 minutes.

I’m only sad because then I can’t knit in the car, haha :-P Aaah, the problems of a knitter.


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