More Little Hearts <3

I made another one, haha. And stuck it on another headband. I mean, seriously…the things are too stinking cute! Who could possibly resist?!

This headband is one of those stretchy kind instead of the plastic/whatever kind.

I am currently wearing it now…and I feel adorable, haha.

This is a more accurate picture of the colors…*loves* Left over from my Little Lovely Shalom…from the KAL that I did with Hannah and Emily. Haha, I’ve used the left over stuff for so many things…and…actually…I still have 2 full hanks left over that haven’t been wound yet. Who knows what I’ll do with that :-P

On a side-movieish-note…I saw the new Jane Eyre today! And it was really really good!

Compared to the other one…a BBC tv-mini series made in 2006(with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens)…I think I like the 2006 one better.

But that’s probably just because I’ve seen the 2006 one about a thousand times, haha. But I really really did like the new one…it was definitely amazing :-P

There were some things that were left out…which I missed. Like the gypsy scene, that was always one of my favorites, haha. Plus it ended really abruptly. They said nothing about how Mr. Rochester, after he and Jane married, how he was able to see just a little bit. Or that they actually got married…

The music was awesome…the actors were awesome…(besides Mr. Rochester growing a beard at the end. That was totally unexpected and un-needed, haha.)…the cinematography was awesome…it was just awesome in general :-P

Spring = flowers. Flowers = awesome. Therefore, spring = awesome.


3 thoughts on “More Little Hearts <3

  1. Shaina says:

    So cute!! I love the last photo so much!! The flowers are wonderful. Soo… I’ve been wanting to see that… but from the trailer it looked like they just copied everything from the 06 one! I dunno, it just seemed like everything was a little familiar… but that could be because they’re like, the same story, haha. Anyway, JE is one of my favorite books and movies :)

  2. haleymaymarie says:

    You feel adorable now? Shouldn’t you always? Because you are always adorable <3

    It was lovely spending the day with you, my dear!

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