Quotable Friday!! + Cat Feet + Big Blue

“Stay” is such a charming word in a friend’s vocabulary. ~ Louisa May Alcott

I found this quote on a blog I read, Pretty By Hand. It was stamped on one of the selvages on a bolt of fabric….which I think is a really awesome idea. Putting fun quotes on stuff like that :-P

On a Big Blue note…haha :-P More progress was made.

Yaaaaayyy for progress! The end is near…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wheeeee!

Almost done. Almost DONE. ALMOST DONE. Yesssss.

Speaking of finishing things…remember those…random socks I started during the first act of Billy Elliot?

Got the first one done!. Haha, finally….it was shoved aside for a bit while Big Blue really had to be worked on. Not that…it doesn’t still need to be worked on…but I needed something really easy to work on during my math lecture…haha :-P

Berroco Comfort Sock…is pretty much stinking awesome. It’s soooo soft. It’s sooo squishy. Just downright awesome.

So I got the second one cast on during the same math lecture (haha :-P) Which is also downright awesome.

I think we’re going to go see the new Jane Eyre with Haley(who recently started an uberly cool blog…you should definitely go check it out!!) and her family tomorrow…so it’ll be the *perfect* time to work on the second sock :-P

Bertie is enjoying his Friday. And I am too…looking forward to chatting with AMAZINGLY AWESOME online friends tonight. I sense much much laughter in my future. :-P And talking about Mr. Thornton…and Eomer…and Subway. Definitely stuff to look forward to :-P

Cat feet are just too adorable. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Quotable Friday!! + Cat Feet + Big Blue

  1. haleymaymarie says:

    Ack! You linked me! You are a dear <3

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, as always :) And I am SO excited for tomorrow Imma esploooooode! Yaaaaaay!

  2. Kristyne says:

    I wish I could knit like you. Sadly, my skills seem limited to fabric.

    So glad you like the quote ;) (Have you read “Little Women”? I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough. )

    Great photos!

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