Big Blue…almost DONE…!!

I’d say that was major progress from yesterday

And I’ve made even more progress since I took that picture, so I’m feeling really really good about it, haha.

As more motivation…I have my Purl Bee Granny Square blanket sitting on the table right in front of me…

I figured out that I crochet weird. Well, different from the way you’re *supposed* to crochet, haha.

Instead of holding the working yarn in my…left hand, I hold it in my right hand…and kinda treat it as if I were knitting, haha.

Bertie. SO ADORABLE. *gaaaahhh*

Got my Sprout/Lobster Cove frogged back to where it was supposed to be. And started the decreases…and then thought that I would do more decreases than the pattern called for… because my mom finished her’s last night, and I think I’d like mine a little more..fitted…ish.

But I’m not really sure…we’ll have to wait and see :-P But I’ll….hopefully finish the sleeves for Big Blue…and then I’ll finish Sprout/Lobster Cove…and things will be so happy!

I can see the end…of Big Blue. It’s *that* close.

The best part??



One thought on “Big Blue…almost DONE…!!

  1. Hannah L. says:

    I crochet with the working yarn in my right hand…
    But I’m left-handed. *Grin*

    Hey, I was just curious…have you ever considered an Etsy shop?


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