Musical Monday!! + 70% Complete

Haha, I love how you can hear all the different instruments used in this song…and they aren’t like…fancy at all. (Here’s the full version…which I sadly couldn’t actually insert it here due to copyright stuff :-/ We are Ok by Joshua Radin)

It’s just pretty awesome, if you ask me…haha :-P

Sprout. It’s been worked on. And in fact…I’m about…70% done with it.

As soon as I finished those 23″ of the neck for Big Blue, I ran to get something that was on big needles and would be extremely rewarding.

I worked on my Sprout for about…5 and 1/2 hours that night. Doing…various things while knitting, it was so refreshing (and restoring :-P) to knit on something…on a needle size that was bigger than 3.

Isn’t this so awesome? I’m almost done with a project? Instead of getting another one…I’m finishing one I already have.

I feel so accomplished.

I started the two sleeves for Big Blue. Both at the same time. Thank goodness they aren’t long…but…they are very wide. Oh well.

Dr. Who (don’t judge :-P) has been keeping me entertained while I’ve been working on those endless 23″ of seed/moss stitch. And it’ll continue to do the same with these sleeves, haha. Which also have a large amount of seed/moss stitch, haha. I can DO THIS.

So…I suppose..that in a way….I’m 70% done with Big Blue as well. Kind of. I just have the sleeves left. And then actually putting it together.

Sprout, I just have the sleeves..and I don’t have to put that together (thankfully) because it’s top-down (my favorite way of knitting sweaters/cardigans/pullovers/whatever, haha)

my knitting is looking extremely optimistic right now, haha.

The only question is…what am I going to start after I finish Big Blue and my Sprout..??

Aaaahhh….decisions, decisions, haha.


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