<3 Little Hearts <3

You know spring is here when you’re able to bring fresh cut flowers and put them on the kitchen table for everyone to enjoy. …and take pictures of :-P

A gift for a friend’s birthday (if you’re that friend, helloooooo :-P) was needed and I had just seen that the Sweatshop of Love had recently published this new pattern for a little heart.

In the picture on the pattern, I think the girl had it sewn on her shirt. But I decided to stick it on a headband :-P

It’s so easy, I made my first one in about…15 minutes at the most. I’ll most definitely be making lots more in the future :-P And I’ve already been brainstorming other ideas of what to do with them and where to put them :-P

*contented sigh* it’s 75 today. I’m heading out to a fun party thing. There’s a ball practice tonight.

Life is awesome. :-)


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