Fair Isle Sockies!

It’s a beautiful 72 here today…partly cloudy…nice breeze…looks like it might rain later….

In other words, it’s AMAZING today.

Haha, and I think Bertie definitely agrees with me. He looks pretty happy, haha.

Look! It’s Big Blue! Yaaay! Moving forward, always moving forward :-P

(Yaaay for knitting during Great Books :-P Yaaay for Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales :-P)

Oh, here’s my fair isle sock!

I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out…with the Noro yarn, the fading and changing of the colors will be AMMMAZING (but then, Noro is always amazing, haha)

This is my first time to do fair isle socks…So that’s definitely exciting :-P

Trying new things…learning new things….it’s pretty awesome in general :-P especially when it comes to knitting, haha :-P


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