Musical Monday!! + thunderstorms :-)

A couple of days ago….I discovered my love for Mumford & Son’s music. I had definitely heard about them before…practically everywhere. But…I didn’t really think about looking into it…because I had heard one song and I didn’t like it. Just that one song. Yeah, that’s a stupid thing to go by :-P

If you like hearing people’s covers of these types of songs…I really recommend the one done by Tyler Ward and Megan Nicole …I really like it :-) (and just…by the way, I like both the original version and this version of The Cave. Both are amazing, haha :-P)

Got the back cast off last night, YESSSS. And the front cast on :-) Things are definitely looking up :-)

We also had a thunderstorm this morning (and there’s still little rumblings of thunder as I write this :-P)

And that was my attempt at catching the rain. But it didn’t really work…but I thought I’d post it anyway :-)

We’re taking a mini version of Spring Break this week…just doing online classes and stuff that really needs to get done (math (*sigh*), science, and SAT review…O.o)

Well, we’re doing those things *now* so we can take off when some friends from CT come down in April (*so stinking excited…!!*) and it won’t be a problem.

My mom also pointed out that there’s around 10 weeks left of school before the summer.

That little bit of information is so extremely exciting..I CAN MAKE IT TILL THE END OF SCHOOL. I know I can. and I will!

I’ll make it with my knitting beside me… :-D


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