The Back, it’s Almost Done!!

I am extremely excited.

Because I think I might get the back done of Big Blue (the first store sample) this evening.

I am extremely excited. Yes yes yes yes!

Even though it’s just the back…and there’s still the front, two sleeves, and the neck that has to be done..

I’m being optimistic…

The Sprout I have is so tempting…so so so tempting.

My mom has already cast on her sweater in her Sprout…annnnd..I really really REALLY want to cast mine on. I mean, it’s that beautiful red. It’s 100% cotton, perfect for Houston. The little cardigan thing is so stinking adorable.

BUT I am going to finish Big Blue. Yes, I will. I will I will.

Yarn is so tempting. Gaaah, I want to start Lobster Cove so badly…

I can do this! I will be victorious! *brandishes knitting needles and my trusty tape measure* Ha ha!


3 thoughts on “The Back, it’s Almost Done!!

  1. Helga/QallieQ says:

    i am a regular reader of your blog- I don’t know how you do it.
    you cast on projects all the time, and you actually finish them!!!

    its amazing!! I call myself a process knitter, but really I just have the attention span of goldfish- and always want to cast something new on!

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