Quotable Friday!!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss


It seems that there are so many things in life like that. Happy things come to an end…and it becomes sad.

But I think…that if the happy times were all the time, then they wouldn’t be so special anymore. And it would taken an even greater amount of excitement or whatever to exceed that standard.

It also seems that if you’re sad because you’re leaving something so stinking amazingly awesome…then it must have been really good :-P Or something of the sort anyways, haha.

I….am SO CLOSE…to finishing the store sample. I only have the side and sleeve seams left.

Two days ago we embarked on figuring out the interesting twisty neck thing. And we succeeded. And it was AMAZING.

(*que lighting change* Yes, I did notice that…haha) Neck completely done, yesssss! Sleeves set into the back and the front, yesssssss! Now I’m about to go and finish seaming up the sleeves and sides. Then I will be done! *great excitement and joy* I’m excited about this :-P if you couldn’t tell already, haha :-P

Anyways, I hope your Friday is/was/will be amazingly awesome and your weekend will be the same :-P

Random note: I’ve had “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” stuck in my head for the past like three days. But it’s not the whole song, oooh no. Just one or two lines. Just replying over…and over…and over….Haha :-P


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