Fuzzy Socks and Big Cowls

Today is a day for fuzzy socks, long sleeves, big cowls…even around the house, heavy blankets, lots and lots of tea, warm cats, and most importantly…knitting.

And school too, but that’s a more unhappy thing, so I didn’t include it.

It is currently 25 degrees. And I am freezing. Really really freezing. *shivers*

(Knitted cowl: yarn from…a small little store in NYC…one that we went the last day we were there. *forgets the name*)

Sooooo, really really happy news. I finished the front of the store sample!! !!!! !!!!!!! Yeah, I’m really excited.

So to celebrate last night, after I finished, I worked about 20 minutes on one of my own projects :-P

And…I am able to work on other things while working on the store sample stuff, but since it’s a bigger project, small needles, small yarn…I don’t really want to waste time, haha.

Today I plan to cast on the sleeves. Yaaaay!

(Yes, those are cats. And yes, it does say “Purrr”. These are my most favorite non-knit socks EVER.)

I have ballet later today….I will most definitely be bundled up! haha :-P


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