Quotable Friday!!

January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow. ~ Sara Coleridge

Yeahhh, it is February 4th, but the quote still can be used :-P

Everyone in Houston (er, maybe not everyone…but I know I am :-P) is wishing for at least SOME snow.

The weather people keep reporting that “snow will be coming”, “Snow supposed to arrive in an hour!”….but they lie.

An hour passes, no snow. Two hours pass, still no snow. Five hours pass, STILL NO STINKING SNOW.

The only “wintery precipitation” we’ve got is an uberly thin film of ice on surfaces.

But, this is not to say…that I’m not enjoying all the cold weather. Because I am….ooh boy, it’s nice :-P

Houston basically shut down today. Everything (mostly everything, haha) is closed, no school today for everyone, people stayed home from work. And you know what that means…?!

It’s a lets-just-sit-around-and-knit-blog-and-drink-tea day! Definitely thebomb. com :-P

So, I’m making a huge dent in my work knitting…and I have pictures..but they are very outdated, haha. I finished the back this morning…and am now working on the front.

I’m being extremely optimistic by hoping that I finish the front today. I don’t think there’s even a slightly possible chance that that will be accomplished….but being optimistic is always a good thing, haha :-P


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