Cranberry Leaves <3 <3

A couple of posts ago, I said that I started a new project…Derry by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

And…today I’m going to share some pictures :-)

Hooray for mirrors :-P They make things so easy…

Joey, the sweet brother that he is, took these pictures for me…

Not that this shows the lace pattern that well, but I thought it was cool with the stitch markers… :-)

I’m making the sleeves 3/4 length rather than the full long sleeves. Just…so it can be more versatile in Houston.

Like always, the Berroco Comfort is working up like a dream. So squishy, so soft…beautiful color…Yeah, I <3 it.

The one sleeve took longer than I expected. I really really wanted to wear it to church this morning, but alas it was not wearable yet. But I'm planning on knitting knitting knitting this evening so I can HOPEFULLY get it done by Tuesday. Cause something special is happening then, but I'm going to keep it a surprise lest nothing come of it :-)

Anyways, I'm SO stinking happy with it, and I can't WAIT to wear it. It'll look adorable with a pencil skirt…or just jeans. It'll look adorable period.

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