Craisin-Orange Scones

So, on…Saturday, I believe, I made…some SCONES.

But not just plain scones. …Craisin Orange scones.

Sadly, this was the only picture I got of the making. My hands were covered in flour about 90% of the time :-P

But I think they turned out pretty stinking well. My family definitely approved…

Some were formed a little weirdly…but…we didn’t really care, haha.

While I was working, and waiting for them to come out of the oven…a little helper came along….

One of the cutest helpers I could ask for. Seriously.

EEEEE. *gets the kitty-kitties* SO STINKING ADORABLE.

Knitted Note: (haha, I suppose it could be “Knitted Knote”….or not…yeahhh..)
Despite what I had said…practically everywhere…(Gmail Chat…Twitter…Facebook…here…) I…started a new project *hangs head*

But it’s not all bad…I already had the yarn. And the pattern picked out.

So, what am I making? I’m making Derry designed by Cecily Glowik MacDonald…who I believe to be one of the very few people who design, that all their pieces are absolutely adorable.

Vhat yarn am I using? I’m using Berroco Comfort, the worsted weight. In…something called Pimpernel

Because I don’t understand the name “Derry” for this project, and because of the color, I’m pondering maybe calling it Cranberry Leaves, or something. Cause the lace on the arms kind of look like…leaves. Yeahh.

Things are going swimmingly, I’m…almost done with the raglan increases, which is always a happy thing. Then from there, it looks like just knitting with some waist shaping. Then, I’ll pick back up the arm stitches and continue those.

….I wonder…would it look as cute with 3/4 sleeves? Maybe?

Oh, and a non-knitting (knote) note (haha…)

Somehow I had 135 views yesterday, which is the most I’ve gotten…EVER. So, this is one STINKING HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE. Everyone has been so supportive, and I really really REALLY appreciate it. Like, you can’t imagine.

Haha, you have no idea who good it makes me feel when someone comes up and says “Oh, I read so-and-so on your blog. That was awesome!” or…whatever they thought about it. Just knowing that people are really reading…what I say. is…mind boggling. Haha, I just wrote “mind-blogging” But, it’s…boggling. Yeahhh :-P

And now…I must go an work on a paper. Joy. Haha…:-P


3 thoughts on “Craisin-Orange Scones

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