FO: Sushi!!

I feel so accomplished. It’s done. Annnnd…it’s pretty stinking awesome.

The Beginning Sushi is there, if you so care to read about that. is the Blocking of Sushi .

(we could pretend this picture is me expressing my utter joy of finishing the project. But no. I was told that my eyes could not be seen due to my bangs. Joy…)

I’m so happy with it…

I’ve done a sweater with the same construction before (like, a bunch of different pieces that are put together. Like…how the back in the above picture is…funny looking, haha. That’s two different pieces. )..

Where was I….OH, so I’ve done something with the same construction. Annnnd, it didn’t turn out so well. It looked really really bad, haha.

So, to prevent the same problem with Sushi, I practically blocked the life out of it so it’d turn out nice…and not really bad looking.

I <3 <3 <3 <3 it :-)

On a very random side note: today's Plinky's question today is…

“Describe the town where you grew up…” (Do you still live there? Why or why not?)

I lived in the same town, Ponca City, Oklahoma, till I was 12 and 1/2 or 13…then we moved to Houston, TX.

Ponca City…it’s population is 25,919 according to the Ponca City page on Wiki. It’s just a small little town. One small, amazingly awesome town. Downtown was definitely the best, there were so many little hole-in-the-wall stores (sadly, a lot of them are closed now :-(…), there were fun restaurants, there are a lot of really old and reallllly cool houses.

And the main reason why Ponca City is so stinking amazing, is because of all the amazing people who live there :-)

So, living in a 25,919 population…town…and moving to Houston, which has…*looks* 2,257,926 people.

Yeahhhhh. Big change. Haha :-P

Knitting & Yumyumyum notes: Knitting, well…this is actually crocheting! I’ve started making little Amigurumi (which I STILL don’t know how to pronounce. Do YOU know how it’s pronounced? Pleaseeee tell me :-P) Annnd. they’re pretty awesome. I made a little bear with a pink dress…and a little flower. My mom requested a little basket of fruit, so I’m working on a pear right now…next will be an apple. But I don’t know what other piece of fruit I’ll do. SO, in other words….look out for an amigurumi focused post soon :-P

And the yumyumyum note is…I made scones on…Saturday! Cranberry (technically crasins, but that’s ok…) and Orange scones. And they are amazing, if I say so myself. I’ll post pictures soon :-) The recipe was from the book I made the biscuits out of. They were made in the food processor… sooo easy.

…I think I need one…Hmmmm. and maybe a cup of tea :-P

Haha, hope your Sunday is/was/will be amazingly awesome, and the beginning of next week will be the same :-P


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