Quotable Friday!!

Just the fact that it’s Friday is majorly exciting. Not that that was relevant or anything. It just…needed to be said. And now…I’ve said it. So we can move on. Hm.

SO, haha. Here’s…the quote :-)

Friendship is unnecessary, it has no survival value; but it’s one of those things that gives value to survival ~ CSLewis

I think…when Quotable Friday ends, if it ever will…that I’m not sure, the most quoted person will most likely be C.S. Lewis. Because he’s so stinking awesome. And wise. And amazing. And all the synonyms that go along with wise, awesome, and amazing. (*is ignoring the fact that awesome and amazing…mean the same thing. This is ok*)

And I’ll leave it at that. Because that just speaks for itself. The quote. Not the part that I added.

On a knitting note, my Sushi is almost completely, 100% done. I have..one arm left to sew up and add the button. Maybe. I might do something else rather than the button. I’m…not sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In other words, pictures soon! Yaaaaayyy!


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