Mermaid Mitts

Now to tell the *complete* story, of WHY I started ANOTHER project. I’ll start at the beginning. But it’ll be the condensed version, haha :-P

So, I finished Lavalette, and was majorly enjoying it…and then I thought to myself “Self, you should go find yourself another shawl pattern. You love Lavalette SO stinking much, go make another one. You have so much yarn. Just go. Go now, and find one.”

So, I quickly logged into Ravelry, and was browsing the shawl patterns in about 3 seconds. Found one, in about 5 minutes of a lot of looking, and trying to find the *right* one. I was happy. I was excited! (after writing this, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten which one I chose….hahaha.)

Next step was the yarn. What yarn. I walked into my closet (where one of my many stashes are stored, haha) and started digging around to find some yarn that would work.

While digging around I found something that I cast on…in August! I found the Travelling Woman that I got the yarn from Hannah’s shop, Creative Fibers!

So, I was like “OOOOH. I should do this!!!” So I did.

And…I messed up. Yep. Messed it up. I don’t know what I did. But things weren’t really working.

Some things weren’t lining up. I was having to rearrange everything through out the row, and that was just downright annoying.

So….I ripped back to a place where I couldn’t see any mistakes. And continued on my merry way.

And guess what?! I messed up again! Yeah, it was really bad. So I ripped back to the very beginning of the lace, hoping that I could get everything figured out. If I started completely over.

Now for the whole point of the post. Haha :-P I was feeling so horrible about myself, that I decided that I should just work on something else. Having so many other projects to work one, there was surely one that I could find.

But noooo. I cast on a new one! I was desperate. But it made me feel soooo much better. Cause it was something easy, and that would be really fulfilling in short amount of time.

So here are some pictures. Of the Mermaid Mitts :-)

I got the yarn a loong time ago. In…October, I believe…at Yarntopia, the place of awesomeness.

Another thing that I like better about this lace, rather than the Travelling Woman, is that the Mermaid Mitts has a chart. Maybe it’s the whole “written pattern” that’s messing me up….?

Oooo, they grew!

I really like the yarn. I think the only bad thing, is that the striping makes it kinda hard to see the..pattern. ..? What do you guys think? When I chose to use this yarn, I was thinking that it’d be more variegated. But…I guess not, haha.

Anyways, hope your Wednesday is/was/will be amazing, and the rest of your week continues to be the same :-)


2 thoughts on “Mermaid Mitts

  1. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Awww, sounds kind of frustrating. :( :( I’m glad the mermaid mitts made it better, though – they are ‘dorable.

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