Musical Monday!!

This is one stinking happy song.

I don’t think anyone could seriously be the teensy bit angry or annoyed when listening to this song.

If your Monday was gray, hope this brightened it up, and if it was already really happy, I hope it made it *that* much more awesome :-P

P.S. I cast on some fingerless gloves, because some knitter’s depression I was having. Heh heh… pictures soon :-)


One thought on “Musical Monday!!

  1. Cindy says:

    Hello Grace!
    thank you for your musical Monday choice, it was very sunny indeed well at least on my computer!
    oh and as I’m still thinking about baking those pumpkin spice bars… I have a little question for you: how do you make cream cheese frosting?
    And speaking about cooking how is your “sushi”, have you finished sewing it already?
    have a nice day
    (as I do not know if it’s morning or afternoon or even night for you!)

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