Musical Monday!!

First musical monday of the year….wheeeee!

Haha, here’s the song :-P

Big fan of HeyHiHello…they’re awwwwesome :-) They have happy songs, which I love, haha :-P

I’m about half-way through Sushi, and I’m realllllly loving it! Like I thought, it doesn’t look like…sushi when it’s knit up. But it’s a cute name, so it’ll stay :-P

Pictures hopefully soon, that’d be really nice. Today is the last day of break for me, (*weeps*) it’s sad, but happy. While I was working on my theory test yesterday, I realized that I was enjoying working on something that I had to get done..and wasn’t knitting related, haha.

But…I don’t think that applies to math. Noooo, probably not, haha :-P

Hope your Monday is/was/will be amazingly awesome, and the rest of your week continues to be the same! :-D


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