Goodbye 2010!

Just so things don’t get off, here’s the quote of the day :-)

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
~ C.S.Lewis

I do apologize for my complete lack of posting during this week. This was the week that my dad had off, and so we did a lot of family stuff and it was great :-D But didn’t leave much time for posting. Heh heh.

So, one big thing for Christmas…that wasn’t really mine. My little brother, Joey, got a Nikon D7000, or something with a huge number. Which meant, that he didn’t really have a use for his older camera, a….Nikon D…somethingorother. Well, I suppose he could have. But he was really nice, and sold it to me. !!!

In other words, I no longer have to bug him to borrow it, or ask him to reformat something. Which I’m sure he’s happy about, haha :-P

SO, onward with other fun Christmas things. :-)

Now, if you’re a Jeeves and Wooster fan, freak, nut, aficionado, whatever you want to call it….you would know about the Cow Creamer.

*goes on a search on Google images to find a picture of said cow creamer and Jeeves holding it.* *is annoyed that no such picture could be found* Drat.

But, here’s a picture of mine in all it’s glory.

It’s like AAAAAH. It’s an actual cow creamer. Which is so stinking cool!

Another amazing thing I got. Which I adore…are these little doodads.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s PB&J. Which, is sooooo adorable. I love their little faces :-D

AND NOW. For the big present. The one that I’ve talked and talked and talked about? For like forever? Here it is. *drumroll please!*

The granny square blanket! it’s in progress! And it’s going great! I’m so excited! And that…was a little too many very short sentences. *cough* Pardon me…

This, my friends, is my very first crocheting project EVER. I have crocheted before, never fear. But that’s just like…edging around necklines and stuff. Nothing this big.

My parents got the yarn from the Purl Bee SoHo, which makes it *that* much cooler. Two of the colors they didn’t have, so those were gotten else where. BUT, the bulk of the yarn came from the Purl Bee :-D

ALSO. Two things…really important!

Remember one of my posts where I posted a picture of a red tree and palm trees in the same frame? (haha, if you don’t….or even if you do, here’s the link to that post :-P) Well, a friend of mine took that picture and edited it…and it looks stinking amazing! You can go check it out at his blog :-)

Second thing:
If you’re looking for good book recommendations, you should check out By the Book: The Diary of a Bookaholic , there are amazing books that have really detailed reviews, this bookaholic does one awesome job :-) She also has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can stroll over there and like it :-D

It’s so weird that the year is ending this evening. And has already ended for a lot of people in other places in the world. 2010 went so fast. It’s weird…some years go really fast, and some go really slow.

I suppose I could list all the more than amazing things that I did this year. But your eyes would probably end up falling out due to the length of the post. And that really wouldn’t be good…so I won’t :-) But I will say, that I did so many fun things, I met so many new amazing people, I finally got to meet good friends in real life, became better friends with people, I traveled so many places, and I knit so many fun things :-)

Sure, the year has had it’s downsides, but for the most part, I think the happy things override the sad things :-P

Nothing special planned for this evening, just a nice evening with my family :-) knitting, and watching a movie that was sent to us by a friend for Christmas. It’s supposedly really funny, but we’ll have to wait and see :-P

Anyways, I hope that your 2010 was amazing, and your 2011 will be the same :-)

Oh, and I do have other knitting projects that deserve a post of their own :-) I’ll hopefully do that sometime next week :-D


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