Let the KAL begin!!

Yaaaaayyy! I’m so excited about this! The KAL actually began on…Saturday…afternoon ish. So it’s been 3 days. *states of the obvious* *cough*.

I really really REALLY love how the Malabrigo Worsted is working up! It reminds me of like Valentine’s..or something. I adore the Shalom pattern. It’s so easy to follow! Well, I’m using some mods because my yarn and the yarn that was meant for the pattern are drastically different. So some of it has been a tad confusing, meshing different numbers and stuff :-P BUT it’s turning out amazing, and I can’t wait till it’s finished!

Haha, the yarn really fits it’s name….”Little Lovely”

Haha, little balls of yarn are always adorable and very photogenic. :-P I really like…the weird focus of this one. It’s…different? Haha.

You can check out The Amazing Hannah’s and The Amazing Emily’s Shaloms on Hannah’s blog!

Ooo, what would be cool….wait, I’ll keep it a surprise :-P Haha, cause then if it doesn’t end up happening then I won’t feel near as bad…haha :-P

The twisted stitch pattern is a really cool detail that adds to the awesomeness of the cardigan. Though, I do have to admit purling through the back loop (p1tbl. Bleh) isn’t my favorite. At all. Maybe because it slows me down or something, it just took FOR-EVER. But it’s all over now, haha :-P

A quick note to all musical (theater) enthusiasts…if you love musicals, you should check these two songs out:

All for Laura
and I Believe My Heart

Both are from Wilkie Collin’s Woman in White . Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the musical in 2004, and I recently found out that…it was actually a musical. Which I was thrilled about!

1) I adore musicals. and 2) I think that Woman in White was definitely one of the best books EVER. If you haven’t read it, you NEED to.

So, yeah. Musicals(that are done well, and have amazing music. And…aren’t cheesy) + some amazing book = Hoooooly cow.


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