Happiness and Little Lovely <3

So, yesterday…held a bunch of happiness.

And we’re talking like a BUNCH of happiness.

Among other items, these were the main ones…

1) I had my teeth cleaned, and I didn’t have any cavities. Hallelujah! Getting cavities filled just terrifies me.

and 2) we got to do to Yarntopia!! Which is definitely one of the best places in the entire world. Fo serious.

Most of the stuff that I got, I shall not disclose….because they are Christmas presents! *zips lips*

BUT. I did get some yarn that is ready for showing.

(Malabrigo Uruguay in “Little Lovely”)

I love this yarn! Hoooly cow! I’m not usually attracted to pink stuff…but this is just too beautiful :-D

My long distance knitting buddy, Hannah the Awesome, another long distance knitting buddy, Emily (who sadly does not have a blog), and myself. Are planning to do a KAL.

English translation: Knit Along.

Definition: A bunch of people find a pattern that they all like, and they all make the same thing at the same time. Hence the name, Knit Along.

We are going to make…the Shalom Cardigan

Which I am SO stinking excited about, cause I’ve had my eye on this for FOREVER. But…never really got around to it.

It’s made with a bulky on a size 10 and 11 needle.

I love bulky, but it’s….versatility in Houston…isn’t so great, haha.

SO, I’m doing a different version of it. Mine is going to look (hopefully) like The Blue One. (Haha, the name Hannah and I gave it.)

(tell me if that link doesn’t work. Things have been acting really weird lately…haha)

So, yes! That was the worsted version on a size 8 needle, I believe.
I’m not sure if I’ll be doing buttons the whole way…or just one or two in the original version.

Therefore, I ask my readers, all buttons? Or just one or two? ?????

I can’t wait to start!! I love the yarn, I love the pattern, and I love the people I’m doing it with. So all around…it’s pretty much an EPIC WIN.


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