Double Plinky, booyah!!

These are relatively short questions, so I’m putting two together :-P

Numero Uno is…

“What is at the top of your gift list right now?”

One thing I would like to point out, maybe it’s just me, BUT….do they specify that it’s your “giving” list? Or your “receiving” list? Cause for me…it could be either one. I mean, I have a giving list…haha. Waiting to be made. Staring at me. Laughing at me when I’ should be working on something, but instead I’m starting a new project or working on something else.

But that’s beside the point.

I won’t share the giving list, lest…surprises be found out…and therefore not surprises anymore, haha.

SO. My receiving list? The top thing…hmmm. OH, I know!

Ok, so one of the yarn stores we visited in New York, the Purl Bee SoHo, is amazingly awesome. If you’re a crafty person at all, you should definitely check out their blog…they post about practically everything..crafty! Knitting, crocheting, sewing….yeahhh! It’s there :-P

Anyways, long story short, one of the many projects that they’ve talked about….is the Granny Square Blanket.

And they’ve made lists of these color ways you can pick from.

Like…the “Warm Tones”

and…the “Cold Tones”

(Pictures taken from the Purl Bee site :-) )

I personally like the cold tones better. But both are absolutely amazing. It’s made with Koigu, which I also adore. So yeah! Yarn for that…is at the top of my list :-P

Ok, so the second Plinky question is…

“When you’re feeling down, what music cheers up up?”

And to that. I say. There are bunch of different songs/genres.

With a lot of songs, I have memories pressed into the many cracks in it’s melody.

So, I just pick songs that I have happy memories with, haha.

Like, for example…I listened to Dynamite (by Taio Cruz….don’t judge :-P) during our big trip to New York. And a lot while we were trekking to CT and happy places like that :-P So, all that happened there, I remember…with that song. Which is cool.

So, my two questions for you readers. Are…

1) What’s at the top of *your* receiving list?

and 2) What song/genre do you like to listen to…to cheer you up? And do you have any fun memories that go with some song?

Anyways, hope your Wednesday is/was/will be extremely awesome, and the rest of your week will continue to be the same :-P


2 thoughts on “Double Plinky, booyah!!

  1. Emily Hayashida says:

    just saying, but I love the color combination for cold tones. And that’s coming more from an artist than from a knitter :]

    One song that is amazing when sung amongst friends (or amongst complete strangers… it’s just plain amazing, lol) is “Lean on Me.” Luuuuv that song like the dickens.

    Happy Wednesday to you too.

  2. Hannah J. says:

    I totally agree with Emily… The blues are simply stunning! …But it’s totally missing the greens! Green is a fanstatic color too. =)

    At the top of my list, is yarn (of course)… But alas, my mom thinks that I knit waayy too much as it is (and she’s probably right in some ways lol)…sooo yarn’s probably not happening. As for music, Christain anything cheers me up. Love hymns. Love ’em.

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