Day 14 of 14 of Thankfulness!!

Bleh, this is terribly late, I do apologize.

So, on Thanksgiving. I was (and still am) thankful for fellowship with family and friends.

Cause there’s nothing like it. Seriously. Haha, it’s kinda like “A merry heart is the best medicine.”…if you’re with someone you love hanging around with (and the feeling is mutual, haha) it’s definitely one of the best things ever.

Sadly, things are coming to an end….people are leaving today. And some have already left. But it was so uberly fun while it was going on. And next time will be just as awesome. Moooost definitely.

On a knitting point. I have been a bad person, and cast on new things. When I shouldn’t have. *shame*. But as soon as thing really quiet down, I’ll try and crank out a knitting post with pictures, NaKnitMo, 1 Million Stitches, and…other important things, haha.


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