Day 8 or 14 of Thankfulness!!

Today…I am thankful for family.

I don’t just mean immediate family, I mean the whole, entire family.

Think about it. How dull, colorless, and empty would life be without family?

With family, you can share everything with them. It’s not like, if you have an inside joke with some friend, and then refrain from saying it to another friend for various reasons…because it’s not their joke. With family everything is out there. Everyone knows. Or if they don’t know, then they’ll soon be told, haha.

And it’s not like you have anything to hide from them. They know pretty much anything and everything about you. All the good things and the bad things. And yet, they still love you for it.

Sadly, I do not have a picture with my whole family in it. But I have a picture (of a picture, ha.) of my siblings and I. And it’s really really old. But I remember taking this picture…like it was just yesterday.

I hope we can get a new one this year…cause we’ll all be at our house for Turkey day.

Anyways. Be thankful for your family today. After you’re done reading this post, go and give a family member a huge hug, cause they are just that stinking awesome. And they totally deserve it.

Fellow Thankful People ~ If you would like to be added (or removed) please comment with your blog link, and I’ll update the list :-P

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