Day 5 of 14 of Thankfulness!!

Today I am thankful for books.

They’re just awesome. They’re almost as good as best friends. Er, they’re like best friends…but in paper form? Maybe? Maybe not. Hm.

Anyways. Here’s just a few books on my favorite list :-)

Obviously, several of these are well-loved. Haha.

(please pardon the slightly blurry and dark picture. But I took the picture rather quickly, haha)

Anyways. Books are so amazing. They’re keys to a whole other world (*forgets how the quote is really worded and who said it*)

They cause smiles, laughter, tears, anger, confusion, and tons of other emotions.

I started Emily of New Moon last night, and when I opened it was like having a reunion with a very old and very dear friend again.

*gets all sentimental and mooshy about books* Now you don’t see that every day, do you? Haha.

So, take today…and think about your favorite books. Like your absolute favorite. The first one you think of. And think about *why* is it special? What makes it your absolute favorite? Comment below with your answer, I’d be interested to see what you have to say :-)

List of Fellow Thankful People ~

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If you would like to be added (or removed) comment below with your blog link, and I’ll change the list :-D

Oh, on a really really quick side note. my NaKnitMo (National Knit Month) goal was 60,000. I am currently at 58,481. Hm. Well. Don’t think I’ll have trouble finishing, haha.


4 thoughts on “Day 5 of 14 of Thankfulness!!

  1. Hannah J. says:

    haha! Nice! *high fives Grace* I was going to make books for my post for today… but everyone keeps taken my ideas! lol. Well, I guess great minds think alike. The Goose Girl, The Naming, and the Crown Duet look really good. Which out of those three do you like the best???

  2. Hannah says:

    whhhattt? you soooo stole my idea for today haha! maybe i’ll just do it later this week ;)
    and oh my gosh! all those books are stinkin’ good! well, the one’s I’ve read, which would be most of them. and I’m trusting the other ones are good because you seam to have a very good taste in books :)
    one of my favorite at the moment is “Quo Vadis”. If you have never read it, do! it’s uberly long and kinda slowish at the end (or, so I’m finding. I’ve been reading it all school year and I’m still not done with it) but it’s so good and so worth it!

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