Day 1 of 14 of Thankfulness!!

Yaaaay, it’s here! This is going to be a ton of fun, you’ll see :-) (Side note: I’ll most likely do regular posts on top of the thankfulness ones, just by the way.)

This is relatively random, but today I’m thankful for cupcakes.

(Thank you Google for this image)

They’re just awesome! I mean, it’s this little compact cake that you can hold in your hand. You can’t really do that with a regular slice of cake, can you?

(que picture everyone has already seen. I’m sorry, but it’s just perfect.)

Whether you make them yourself, or you buy them…cupcakes are definitely THEBOMB. COM.

One downside, is when browsing Google for pictures, you start craving cupcakes. Like I am now. Gaaah, I think some cooking is in order :-P

How can you not like cupcakes like that?!?

So, take this day…and be thankful! :-)


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