Little Antlers

I was approached with the job, by a friend, to make a hat for her wedding that’s coming up pretty soon. Which I accepted gladly, cause hats are so easy, really rewarding, and end up adorable.

But it wasn’t just a regular hat. This was a special hat.

(Designed and picture taken by Tiny Owl Knits, who has some amazingly cute stuff.)

Anyways, so yesterday we headed over to Yarntopia to get the yarn and stuff. And…I got the hat part finished last night. And I got both ears done this afternoon. And hopefully I’ll get the antlers done tonight, and be able to felt them tomorrow!

Unlike the last post with knitting pictures, the color isn’t right. BUT, it’s almost exactly the same as the one in the original.

I’m really happy with how it’s turning out! A lot of the people I’ve show the pattern to have asked me for their own :-P

Friday nights always make me happy. Just…because. :-)

Haha, they definitely make Bertie happy, that’s for sure :-P


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