Million Stitches in a Year

The title is pretty self-explanitory. A million stitches in a year.

So January 1st, 2010 I started this hunking goal.

And I failed to keep the whole thing updated on my blog and stuff.

So now I’m here to tell you where I am in this huge goal of a million stitches.

*drumroll please*

992,262 stitches

Soooo yes. I’ll just let that number sit there. In all its glory.

Picture time! I’m working on Snowbird right now…

It looks really messy right now…but yeah. It won’t be like that for forever, heh heh. The sleeve is longer now than it is in this picture. The sleeve is taking a long time, but I’m trying to be optimistic. And…not start anything else. *twitch* *sooo hard*

Surprisingly enough, these pictures are actually pretty accurate in regard to the color. It was kind of BOOYAH moment. The colors are finally right!

You can see one of my many well-loved projects bags that I carry all over the house.

Annnnd. Random, but still awesome

My favorite candle. Ever. Because of the smell. And where I got it. And who I got it with. It’s just awesome. And that’s that.


5 thoughts on “Million Stitches in a Year

  1. Kaley Branstetter says:

    You crazy awsome knitter, girlfraaand ;) That. is a lot of stitches. *highfive*

    And, that candle looks like it would smell amazing. (looks like it would smell..ahahaha…yeah…)

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