Musical Monday!!

Pardon the lack of posts over the weekend, it was rather busy to say the least :-P

BUT. Even if was busy, it was definitely one stinking awesome weekend.


I think Josh Groban could sing just about *anything* and it would sound amazing.

His new album comes out on November 15th! Which, in my opinion is waaaay too long. But that’s just me.

And on a knitting note, I have definitely moved forward on several projects. The Socktoberfest has ended. And what a horrible fail I was, haha. I only made half of *1* sock.

So, we all know what I’ll be working on for the next couple of months, haha :-P

And the beginning of November is the start of NaKnitMo! Which is just like the Million Stitches in a Year thing, but just in the month of November to celebrate National Knit Month!

Speaking of the Million Stitches thing, I need to update on that, haha. I did…like 2 weeks ago, and meant to post about it. But totally forgot. Whoopsies…heh heh.

Haha, anyways, I hope your past weekend was amazing just as mine was. Your Monday and the rest of your will be splenderifous. Which my computer is telling me isn’t a word. But I….don’t care. Ha. Ha.


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