Musical Monday!!

It’s that time of week again :-)

I adore this song. Don’t quite understand the music video though…it’s kinda…abstract. But it’s adorable anyways.

Leddera Chapman is definitely one of my favorite artists. Thaaaank yoooou, Pandora!

Surprisingly enough, this song came up on my Kate Rusby channel (If you don’t know who she is, she’s kinda like…Irish folk song type thing. It’s really good!)

Anyways, I hope your Monday is fantabulous (I need to use that word more often, haha).

I know mine is off to a good start, because math was great today (*gasp* is that even possible?! Math?? Was *great*?!? haha), it’s very cloudy today…so hopefully it’ll rain later.

And it’s now tea time, which means read aloud for a little and some knitting time.

And don’t worry, I’ll be doing a knitting post in a couple of days. Or tomorrow. You never know. :-)


2 thoughts on “Musical Monday!!

  1. Sir Lagan says:

    Pandora always come through in clutch timing, always has a good artist just when I need one.

    And thank you my Monday is going “fantabulous” how could it not be when one spends most of the morning reading John Calvin and drinking Peppermint Tea.

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