Yarn is coming out my ears…

….but this is definitely not a bad thing :-P

To start things off. My trip was more than amazingly awesome. Like, there are no words in the WORLD that can describe my feelings for that trip.

Many pictures were taken. I will probably post a couple of them. But not quite yet. Because, I have all my knitting stuff ready to go…and yeah.

Second thing to start this off. When we got home, and the mail arrived, I recieved the most amazing earrings ever from one stinking amazing friend, Hannah (who you should go check out).

It’s a ball of yarn. With knitting needles sticking out of it. OH my goodness.

(Stupid WordPress!! It ate EVERYTHING. Why didn’t you save it?! *headesk*)

Blargi, I had everything…typed out. Pictures EVERYTHING. but…it’s all…gone?? WHY?! Gar, oh well. I’ll just…keep going. And…try and re-write it. Ish.

It won’t be as awesome as the one that was eaten though.

It’s supposed to autosave it….like every few minutes. But…it didn’t apparently. There’s no save button to do it manually. GARRRRR.

So, on to the yarn-ness. I really do have yarn coming out of my ears, there’s so much to do! I have…multiple projects at various stages. Such as A) almost done, I’m just not taking the time to finish them now. B) Half way between finished and end. It’s gotten boring. C) just started, it’s going to be a long one. Or D) not even started.

And I have many projects in all of those categories.

Category A) There’s…the Kamara pullover, which is almost done! I seamed it together last night, and now I’m working on the big cowl. Which shouldn’t take too long. It’s on a size 10, with Circular Garter Stitch. Not a huge fan of that, but oh well.

The Modern Garden, which I got the size 15 DPNs, and finished one sleeve…and I’m almost done with the second. Then I have to attach them to the body, and continue on with the yoke. I’m really not liking knitting the sleeves, because…the needles are so big, and the yarn doesn’t really…stand very well by itself. It takes a lot of control to keep everything straight on the needles. Bleh.

And something I got at Simply Fibers in Springfield, MO. It’s called the Short Row Scarf…

Are these colors amazing or what?! It’s Mini Mochi Plus, I believe. I have 5 balls, as the owner suggested. About to start my 3rd ball, and it’s pretty long already. We’ll see where I end up when I’m done with this one…and I’ll either keep going, or save the 2 extra for something else :-P Surprisingly, this picture is pretty true to the colors. Yaay!

And other things…that I’m failing to remember right now. Haha.

Category B) There’s a lot here, but I don’t have any pictures. So, I won’t really…talk about this section. Heh heh.

Category C) I love new things! It’s so much fun to start something new. Even though you might have lots of other stuff going on. Real life stuff and knitting stuff.

Here’s Snowbird!! I realized, after that post where I told you guys about it, that I *do* have the same yarn as the one in example I showed everyone. I apparently can’t read ball bands or something. O.o Oh well, I’m really happy that I just happened to pick the same yarn, even though I *thought* that it was a different kind. Boooyah!! Anyways, the picture is really…bad? You can’t really see the color. Like I said before, it’s a black with purple. Or black with brown, depending on the lighting.

My Monkey socks!! I’m loving these. It’s a really fun pattern, and really easy too! The yarn I chose, I was worried that it’d look really messy with the different colors and stuff. But it’s looking awesome :-) I got a lot of it done while listening to the Ballingers and my parents jam in the condo house thing. And that was seriously stinking awesome :-D

And other stuff as well…that don’t have pictures. Heh heh. Moving on!

Category D) There’s a ton of stuff here. Such as the 3-hour sweater and Quadrat. (Pardon the lack of links, but…yeah. Heh heh.)

There’s a ton of socks for the Socktoberfest.

Sock yarn that I got on the trip. Berroco Comfort Sock yarn…can you get any better than that?! I’ve seen it before, but I’m really looking forward to working with it. Then there’s the Mini Mochi! Who can’t resist yarn that has a little cat face (…or whatever that is, haha) on the ball band? Plus, they have amazing colors AND it’s SOOO soft.

A box with balls waiting to be used. Waiting patiently. Along with all the many other projects that need to be done…

As a side note: I’m going to be doing the Natknimo this year! It’s the whole month of November, which is National Knit Month (hence the Natknimo…haha). It’s just where everyone sets personal goals for themselves. And…I think there might be a random drawing at the end, for fun. I think the big personal goal that I’ve seen is stitches. So, kinda like the Million Stitches in a Year deal. But just in the month of November.

Speaking of a Million Stitches in a Year, I need to update mine. I’ve knit a ton since I last did it though, so it should be a huge number.

My last number was in July at 450,713…

Where do you think I am now? Take a guess, and see how close you are!

Gar, so sorry for the problem with posting. I don’t know what happened. But hopefully…this will work. Garrrrr.


5 thoughts on “Yarn is coming out my ears…

  1. Pingback: Annie Mame
  2. Hannah says:

    Glad you like the earrings!!
    oooh! i LOVE that scarf!! and yeah, it does end up really long. i think that’s probably one of our top selling books and yarn right now just because of the scarf!

  3. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Um, those earrings? Pretty much darling.

    And that SCARF is so deliciously fallish! Love!

    (And, just so you know, you are going to have to knit a ball gown one of these days and wear it to a ball. It’d be so stinkin’ cool!)


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