Socrates Yarn?! No Way!!


I won’t say that “It was amazing” because the whole caps thing kind of gave it away.

But I’ll say it anyways…It was AMAZING!!!

I got…stuff for the Elphaba sweater. I’m SO EXCITED. Ooh my goodness.

annnd. Something that I haven’t told you guys about, but something called Snowbird. And if anyone says that is not adorable….that’s reallllly bad. baaaaaad.

The Elphaba, I got Cascade something 220 in this light purple. (just what I was looking for too! I was so happy!) and the Snowbird, I got Rowan Classic in this beautiful mix of black and purple. Or black and brown, depending on the lighting.

The picture I linked is actually made in the Rowan Kid Classic, which is more fuzzy than the stuff I got.

Oh, and I got some Berroco Comfort Sock yarn! Which I’ve seen, and wanted to do something with. But never got any. So, I’m excited to see how that knits up!!

And, amazing Ashley was extremely sweet, and let me use some of the pictures she took at the yarn store :-D

They had so many colors, it wasn’t even funny. I mean seriously.

Like I said, color is such a hard choice. Here, I was trying to choose which color of the Rowan Classic I should get. It was between the stuff I got (black with purple/black with brown) or this beautiful navy. Both were sooo beautiful.

Their sock yarn selection was huge. And Ashley and I found this one yarn…that I had never heard of. But it was so cool to find, lol.

And I shall leave you thinking about Socrates Yarn, and the all the wisdom that is inside that ball. It’s amazing, that’s for sure.

I should leave now…we’re heading into *cue dramatic voice-over* Silver Dollar Cityyyy *end dramatic voice-over* tomorrow. And yeah, want to be bright and chipper for that :-D



2 thoughts on “Socrates Yarn?! No Way!!

  1. Hannah says:

    oh my goodness! snow bird is soooo cute! can’t wait to see how your’s comes out :)
    Socrates yarn is awesome! we have it at our store and it’s probably one of my favorite sock yarns we have. I really like Alpaca with a Twis yarns, they come in the best colors!

  2. Kaley Branstetter says:

    AGGH! I lovelovelovelove the Snowbird! I got cardigan almost exactly like it at Old Navy, and I adore it :)

    Awww, looks like you’re having a blast!! :) Have a great time a Silver Dollar City (and say “HiIloveyouguysandyoushouldcomebacksoon!” to the Ballingers :D)

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