Surprise Project is REVEALED. OOoh yeah.

Ha, I did it. One more thing to cross of my ever-growing-longer To-Do list before Saturday.

Along with finish my Great Books for next week. And my paper, which is due the Friday we’re gone, but I want to get it done now…so I don’t have to worry about it.

Finish my Greek. Do my nails. Write down the list of projects that I made for the knitting store in Branson. Clean my room. Clean the house. And finally, take pictures and write a blog post.

After all that, you can see where my priorities are, haaaahaaaa.

Annnyways. Here is what I’m making.

from CEY’s (Classic Elite Yarn) new book Weekend… The Funnel Neck Pullover.

Like always, the color isn’t correct. It’s more of a plum-y color. It’s SO beautiful. The yarn I’m using is Rowan by Amy Butler…Belle Organic Aran. It’s 50% wool and 50% cotton. Which, is absolutely perfect for Houston weather.

The goal was to get it at least put together by Saturday, and then I can work on the cowl neck in the car. But, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I was too eager to start my first Sockoberfest sock…and did that instead.

Baaad me. But I’m almost positive that I’ll finish the first sleeve tonight. And I already have the back and front done. And I got the first sleeve done in two days. So, if I get the second sleeve done in two days, I can block it on…Sunday evening. And then put it together on Monday…evening.

Surprisingly enough, the garter stitch (the bumpy part) took longer than the stockinette stitch (the V part) which…is interesting. The garter stitch is allll knitting. Where the stockinette stitch is knit one row, and purl one row. Yep.

I also got…more sock yarn! Yaaaayyy! We stopped Yarntopia today! Which makes Thursday extremely happy. I needed to get size 1 and 0 DPNs for the socks. Because…I’m pretty sure that the 2 I’m using is still going to make it too big.

Therefore, I have to rip this out…

Which is the beginning of the Monkey socks. Which I’m loving. Except that I have to rip it out, and start over. Which…is ok. But I found out that it’s really hard to go back to *regular* knitting after doing the twisted rib, haha.

Sidetrack. The new sock yarn I got is…Mini Moochie. Which I <3

I’m really looking forward to knitting with it. I’ve done some Mini Moochie before, and I looooved it!

Phew. I feel accomplished. Now…on to more important things…such as school. and cleaning. and my nails :-P Nails are sooo important. ;-P

Haha, hope your Thursday was awwwesome, and the rest of your week will continue to be the same :-P


4 thoughts on “Surprise Project is REVEALED. OOoh yeah.

  1. quinny says:

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