Socktoberfest Project #1!

I feel so accomplished, I finally chose a sock pattern to start off the Socktoberfest. I can’t even tell you how many patterns I saved into my favorites on Ravelry and bookmarked in Knitty. And then went back and found all the ones on Ravelry on Knitty…and all the ones on Knitty in Ravelry and re-favorited and saved them again. So I have two pages of the same sock because I’m *that* organized with my saved stuff. Not.

That…didn’t make sense. Hey, it made sense in my head. After I wrote it…maybe not so much.

Ok, the point of this post isn’t that I say lots of stupid stuff in my head and it never makes sense when I say it. Heh heh.

Anyways, I posted this before…but just to refresh your memory. I’m going to be making the Monkey socks!! With some awesome yarn…

I’ve had it saved up for something for a long time, and finally it’s going to be used. It was sitting in my Sock Blankie pile, but I fished it out for this purpose :-)

Socks of the day. Even though it’s not October 1st yet, I can still wear my socks :-)


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