Musical Monday!!

I love this song. It’s adorable. The music video is adorable. Therefore it is double adorable. My logic skillz are amazing.

It also, for some odd reason, reminds me of the fall. Which is extremely fitting, seeing as today it’s definitely exhibiting colder weather (a.k.a – 72 degrees. I’m all bundled up today.)

Pulled out all the socks that I had stashed away. Soooo happy.

Haha :-P Anytoodles, I hope your Monday is filled with at least a *little* sunshine…and if it’s not it would be cloudy…so then I would ask for you to send us some rain to go along with the cold. Cause that would be so stinking (aromatically, haha) awesome. Rain + cold + tea + knitting = aaaaaaaaaaah.


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