Blogging 102

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback I got on my Blogging 101 post! So here’s the next….”installment” of the Blogging…hints? Ideas? Suggestions? Whatever you wanna call it, those things.

Ok, I’ve got everything set up…I know what I want to write about. It’s going to be PERFECT. But…I don’t like my writing. I sound like a dork. And…that’s really bad.

The Knitting Goddess’ Answer:
Hey, I think I sound like a dork too sometimes. I say, don’t try and be some really perfect writer..who gets everything correct. Who uses a gigantic vocabulary, which then makes it hard for people (like me, heh heh) to understand. Who’s sentences ALWAYS have a subject and a verb. (Which…they should….but….yeah. Haha)

So, in other words, write like you would write a letter to a friend, or you were talking to someone. Be yourself. *cue Disney follow-your-heart sound affects* :-P

“No one wants to hear any high-faluting mumbo-jumbo, Anne.” ~ Gilbert Bythe. (How perfect. I just thought of that.)

But I’m definitely not saying that all that stuff I just said is BAD. Cause it’s NOT. It’s just I would rather read, as a blogger, something that was more personal. Rather than all perfect.

A Knitting Goddess Hint/Suggestion/Idea/Whatever:

Make your paragraphs SHORT. Have you ever noticed, that if you’re reading something on the computer, and it’s this huuuuge long paragraph, it gets hard to read? And you start skimming? (If this doesn’t happen to you, you are amazing.)

That’s what you want to avoid. Big long chunks of writing that becomes hard to read. And this is a problem everyone has. My first blog? Oooh my goodness, there were hardly any breaks, and it was baaaad.

So, seriously. Don’t feel bad if you do this. And if you didn’t, that’s great.

This is why news sites’ articles are easy to read. The paragraphs are 3-4 lines at most. Making it a cinch to quickly read it and understand it.

This is the ideal size. 3-4 lines. And sure, not everyone is perfect. I’ve definitely gone over that number knowing that it should be relatively small.

If everything needs to be connected someway or another…See if you can break it up somehow. Your readers will appreciate it :-)

Hint/Suggestion/Idea/Whatever –

Use pictures! Videos! Lists! Quotes! Whatever you can think of! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Use a picture in a post. Plus, it makes it more personal and entertaining than rather just reading text.

Videos are fun, whether you recorded yourself singing karaoke opera with a friend, or you found this hilarious/moving/whatever clip online and want to share it with your readers.

Lists are sweet. I think reading lists is fun. Why, I don’t know. But, it’s fun. It could be about practically anything. A book reading list, a knitting project list, favorite music artists/song list, your schedule for the day…

Quotes are just plain stinking fun. Hilarious, sad, motivational, serious, you name it. Or from a favorite book, movie, lyrics, something funny your friend said… Whatever you can think of!

The options are endless!

I have a problem rambling. Like…seriously. I can’t STOP. it’s like I keep going and going….and it’s like everything is just coming while I’m sitting, and then it turns into this huge long post, and it’s really long…and I just can’t STOP. *looks at question* Yes. See? I ramble.

(above question is me. Totally me. If you know me at all, I will most likely have told you (or you found out very shortly, haha) that I ramble.)

The Knitting Goddess’ Answer:
We all ramble at some point in our lives, it’s totally ok to do it on a blog. But IN MODERATION. I’m still trying to not ramble as much. Trust me, it is a hard habit to kick :-P

If you’re describing something in detail? Like, what you changed in a sewing pattern. Or explaining something that you’re serious about. Or…re-telling a story or happening (in this case, a little is good. It can be funny, haha) it’s not the best place to ramble.

Because…then it’s going to be reallllly hard to understand what you’re trying to say…if you’re rambling while explaining whatever you’re explaining.

Ok, have I confused you? Because I am confused.

Rambling, in some cases, is also fun. If you ramble in real life (*cough* like me *cough*) it’s going to be more *you*, and more fun for your reader. Instead knowing something about you just over a computer screen, it’ll be more like it’s a conversation.

If you ramble, whether it’s online or live, comment…cause you are awesome *high five*

O.O I’m…so afraid…of offending someone….O.O

The Knitting Goddess’ Answer:
Aren’t we all. Online…and life. Online especially, because anything can be taken in whatever way the reader wants it to be. BE CAREFUL.

If you’re posting about something really serious (like…I dunno, what you think of the current politics, or whatever.) you really need to be careful. Because you don’t know who is going to be reading it.

Especially if you’re wanting more viewers, not just your friends. Then you have to be even more careful. Because then we’re talking about people you haven’t met, and most likely definitely don’t share all your views.

If you do end up offending someone, (cause hey, we all do it! It happens.) apologies are totally the way to go. And if ends up being a huge fight/debate and someone(s) gets REALLY offended, then write another blog post with an apology.

But that’s just how I could go about it. You could have a totally different way of dealing with it. This just how *I* would deal with it.

Anyway, the main goal is NOT to offend ANYONE. If it is, you should seriously reconsider your goal in blogging. Seriously, haha.

O.O…I’m terrified….of…who will be reading my blog…like..internet stalkers. *shivers* Those creepy internet stalkers. O.O

The Knitting Goddess’ answer:
I think pretty much everyone knows not to give out personal information online. Unless you really do know the person you’re talking to. But everyone’s internet rules of how much you share are different.

If you are unsure, talk to your parents. Or, if you’re a parent…which if you are, the whole “unsure as to internet safety rules” isn’t that important to you :-P

Also, as a side note. If you have a close up picture of you and a friend(s), or something. Like, pretty close up. Ask this friend(s)’s (‘) (gar, this is confusing) permission before posting this. Because if they don’t want their face blown up and plastered on your blog, this could be a problem.

I also don’t recommend mentioning last names. In certain situations, anyway. But that’s just part of my standard of internet safety.

NOTE: IMPORTANT NOTE: I am almost positive that all the blogging sites have privacy settings where you can limit and/or choose who reads, and who doesn’t read, your blog. By subscriptions or invitations.

Also, I would DEFINITELY ask your parent’s permission before creating a blog, ESPECIALLY if it’s going to be a public blog. If they aren’t sure, tell them about the privacy settings. But if they say no, don’t be depressed. It’s just a blog, nothing you couldn’t live without :-)

BOOYAH. 1200…1201 words. and counting :-P

Anyways, I really hope that was helpful. And if I think of anymore helpful tips or whatever, there will most likely be a Blogging 103.

And if you just converted to being a blogger, after reading my Blogging 101, and Blogging 102 post, welcome to the blogging world! You’re going to LOVE it.

If anyone has any questions, ASK AWAY. I love helping people :-)

As a side note: Sorry for not getting those pictures of the Bubble Top up. I was out pretty much all day, and got home late :-) Hopefully before the week is out, they will be up.

If they’re not, you can comment or send me messages telling me to get my act together and post the pictures already :-) Nicely, of course :-P

Thank you, readers. You seriously are the best readers ever. \m/ Fo serious!!

Source: We went to a homeschool conference a couple of months ago, and there was a talk about Blogging. Which we went to, and I found it extremely helpful. It was done by Paul Hastings, who did a really good job of making the presentation really fun and interesting. So, all of this is the jist of what he said. Plus a little added bits of my own :-)


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