Musical Monday!!

I adore this song.

Which is a REALLY good thing, because I’ve had it stuck in my head for the past week.

My favorite part is the harmony at almost the very end….”I do believe I have been changed for the better”

This is such a beautiful song. Duet or solo. Oooh my goodness. Well, all the Wicked songs are SO STINKING AWESOME. It’s like…not even funny :-)

On a side note: the Bubble Top is FINISHED!! Er, almost. I’ve got to had some edging around the neck. And it said I should do a couple of rows on the arms, but I think it looks adorable without them. Plus, I think they’d be so short anyway it wouldn’t be that noticeable

Working on Travelling Woman!! Still waiting for the Central Park Hoodie though. I found a version someone did that has pockets. Which I LOVE pockets. In that project’s info, a downloadable version of the pockets was somewhere, but not mentioned where. So I asked where this might be found, and still waiting to hear back :-)

As to the modeling of the Bubble Top, it will be done :-) Most likely not today, though. Hopefully tomorrow :-)

Hope your Monday is going great! :-)


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