Almost FO: Bubble Top

FO = Finished Object. Yay for knitting language :-)

Yaaaayyyy!!! it’s blocking right now!!

Currently…it looks like a funny shape.’s supposed to be poofy. Bubbly. Baggy. Whatever.

But this definitely isn’t the stage where it’s supposed to look amazing.

Yes, that is a Pirates of the Caribbean towel. Hahahahahahahaha :-P

With the blocking the lace will be more…open, and easy to see. Which is nice. Because when I was working on it, it was kind of puckery and hard to see.

Funny thing, is that I used to detest blocking. Mainly, because, I think I was afraid of what I would do to this thing that I had just worked a week on. Or longer.

But now, it’s no problem. It’s actually really fun. Because you can see what your finished object is going to look like…in general.

I’m waiting to start the Central Park Hoodie, so I cast on the Travelling Woman. (Yes, it’s two Ls. I didn’t realize this either, until I read the pattern…where it told the reasons *why* it’s called the Travelling Woman. Something that has to do with a singer, I think.)

Tomorrow afternoon? I’ll be sewing up the Bubble Top :-D :-D


3 thoughts on “Almost FO: Bubble Top

  1. Janna says:

    It looks good!

    You know what you need to start doing? Showing the finished, finished object. Like, you need to model it or something, because it drives me nuts not knowing what they look like worn! :)

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