A Character from a Book…hmmmm…

Plinky asks a hard question…

“If you could be any character in a book you’ve read, who would you choose?”

I mean seriously. There’s SO many to choose!

Wanting to write sometime when I got home from ballet, I looked to see what Plinky had to say this morning.

So, in other words, I have been thinking about this all day. Which sounds kind of silly. But who cares.

Who do I choose? Anne Shirley! Is anyone surprised? No? I’m not surprised at that.

No particular reason. Just take all my reasons for loving L.M. Montgomery (whether it’s about Anne, Emily, or Valancy…) and take that as my reason.

There. My Plinky post of the day.

Currently, I’m also being a silly (and normal) knitter and looking for patterns that I want to make. And when I say “I want to make” I really mean “OOOOH my goodness, this is SO cute. I need to make this NOW.”

But that’s not possible.

So here are the two patterns that are occupying my future knitting world.

the Lightweight Pullover (which, interestingly enough, was designed by the same person who designed the Featherweight Cardigan (in red) that I’m making right now. That’s…hibernating. Heh heh.)

and Shalom Cardigan which I think is absolutely ADORABLE. Oh my goodness.

Haha, but I’m always moving forward on the Bubble Top. I’m excited :-) I’m about halfway done with the back, then I’ll be able to block it and put it together! Wheeeee!!


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