NY Knitting Project: The Yarn Girls

Yay for pictures!!! I have two today. I am very proud of my success. Booyah.

Anyway, this is what I am making: Linen Tie Shrug, which can be worn multiple ways and be absolutely adorable in all of them.

I was so happy to find the yarn that I’m using. It is some of the most gorgeous yarn I have used.

It’s actually less brown, than the picture is showing. I can never get the lighting just right so it shows what the colors actually are. So if you see a picture of mine, the color is most likely a little darker or a little lighter. Bleh.

It’s so soft, it’s so light weight, perfect for Houston weather. I did make a modification, the sleeves aren’t long…they’re 3/4. Which I did by increasing every 5th and 10th row 7 times. Instead of increasing just on the 10th row 7 times.

So where’d I get this yarn? Yarn Girls? Who in the world are the Yarn Girls?

Well. Hm. You know…when you do something, let’s say like..YouTube. Or…Football. Or, maybe not *do* something, but you have this huge…love of it. Or passion or whatever. And there’s that one (or many) famous people in this whatever. When it’s like “DUDE. they’re so COOL”. Know what I mean?

Well, that’s what the Yarn Girls is. Along with the Purl Bee SoHo, which we also went to :-P But that’s a different post

Right now, it’s blocking….

But I should be able to start to put it together sometime this….middle-morning….early afternoon ish. So…I’m excited!!

Rather than overload all the non-knitting people (and the knitting people, heh heh) with all these random projects that I haven’t even started yet, so just pictures of balls of yarn is booooring, I’m going to spread these projects out.

Like….when I start them. And finish. And in the middle. And everywhere in between.

So, since I’m kind of behind on keeping that idea current, I’m working on this uberly easy, just-knit-the-whole-way, in the round (obviously) cowl. In all cashmere. And like….my hands? Are in heaaaaaven. Oooh my goodness, it’s going to be amazing to wear!! Pictures to come :-)

I’m thinking about a change. Should I change the layout of my blog? Or keep this one…and…not change at all? Opinions please and thank you :-)


3 thoughts on “NY Knitting Project: The Yarn Girls

  1. Hannah says:

    LOVE IT! it’s sooo cute! <3
    changing up your blog is tons of fun! but can sometimes be annoying to the readers if it's changed to much. I'm all for it though, do what you want though

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