Team Phantom vs. Team Raoul

This will be a ranty post. Be warned.

My views on the Phantom of the Opera, both Broadway version and movie version.

To start off, I am Team Phantom.

And as another warning, this is my personal preference. Do not hate me for having these opinions, and I won’t hate you either for having opposing views. Haha. (non-sarcastic haha)

Talking about things that I love…it’s so much fun! So I was extremely happy to find another opportunity to talk about the Phantom when the lovely Hannah posted about the movie Phantom due to a Plinky question. Let it be known that Plinky is truly amazing.

(Pardon the small images.)

It is my personal preference that the Broadway version is better…much better…than the movie. In almost every aspect, especially in casting wise.

And then you compare it to the book…and add the music…then it all goes wacky.

Casting wise: Broadway version started Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman as the famous Phantom, or also known as Erik, and Miss Christine Daae.

Movie version has Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum staring as said characters.

What I think…and this is just me…that neither one of the Phantoms could sing as I think the Phantom *should* sing. If you’ve talked with me at all about the Phantom, I have mostly likely announced, several times, that Josh Groban would make the MOST AMAZING Phantom (or Raoul, for that matter) of ALL TIME.

I know I said that this was personal preference…but seriously?! Imagine Josh Groban as the Phantom of Raoul. So amazingly awesome that it would send shivers down your spine during the thing. Or it would for me.

As for Emmy Rossum vs. Sarah Brightman….hmmm. Emmy Rossum, being only 18 when the film was made, hadn’t quite fully developed her voice. True, they needed someone young…but still. It’s Hollywood, people. If they need an amazing singer, they should find an amazing singer.

And another problem I find, which I KNOW is just personal preference (really!) is….I definitely don’t think that Gerard Butler is that…good-looking. *prepares self to be attacked by various and a lot of people.* There. I said it. Phew, I feel better now.

Sure, he looks evil. That’s the point. He looks mysterious. That’s the point. But I wouldn’t go straight to “good looking” or any other synonym of…”good looking”. I won’t go into detail.

I fear…that me writing this might create an awkward moment when I talk about the Phantom again with friends…who have different views than I do. Well, we’ll just have to agree to differ :-)

Yes, it’s totally just me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

In the book…the Phantom is to be the most amazing singer in the ENTIRE world…that’s why Christine is drawn to him. Is Gerard Butler the *most amazing singer in the ENTIRE WORLD*? I don’t think so! (This…is half personal preference and half…truth. *prepares to be attacked again*)

If only…they had had Josh Groban singing…oooh that would have been amazing.

If Gerard Butler started singing to me, I would definitely not go “Ooooo, your VOICE. It sounds like ANGELS. Where are YOOOOOU???” No. Most definitely not.

The there’s the subject of Raoul….*sigh*

Once again, no offense whatsoever to anyone who likes Raoul. Or the Phantom for that matter.

This is very true, Raoul is supposed to be…”girly” in the book. (i.e. fainting almost half the book, and crying a lot. Like Spiderman in the 3rd movie.) These things aren’t in the movie (or the Broadway version) but they are portrayed in different areas.

Such as the longer-than-anyone-elses’ (as in…guys.) hair, but it still doesn’t seem to be able to say pulled back when it’s needed, his higher voice (true, it’s not *that* high. But it’s…higher. But that’s most likely what the music calls for. So scratch that one.)

Ok, so not that many. But he’s just…”Ehhhhh. That’s….weird” Same thing again. It’s Hollywood, people. If you need the best, get the best.

This, my dear reader, is a very long post. And I definitely commend you, if you’ve read all of it. If you have…post in the comments…”Knitting for Cold Weather”. And I really fail at coming up for little random phrases. Yeah, if you read the whole thing, you are awesome.

Now on to the other matter of the Phantom. And this is just my idea. I personally thing that Christine should have gone with the Phantom instead of Raoul. Yes, I know the Phantom is evil. No, I don’t think Christine could change him. Ok, possibly. But think about it.

But the Phantom *did* help or make Christine be able to sing the way that she could. And Raoul kinda stood on the side lines, crying that she wasn’t around.

I’m definitely not supporting the Phantom’s problems. Such as killing people, and making everyone’s’ lives miserable. Because that’s wrong. Plain wrong. And yes.

Wow, this took me two days to write. Mostly because I started writing this last night really late, and had to stop due to talking senselessness (because it’s my second language, haha :-P) and…I had math in the morning. So there you have it.

So, my general view of the Phantom of the Opera is…

A) The story is awesome, it’s such a good read.

and B) the music is AMAZING. Seriously. How could listen to any of those songs and not be moved just a little bit. Come on, admit it…you know you were.

What are *your* views on the Phantom of the Opera? Are you Team Raoul or Team Phantom?

Oooo, 917 words. Feel the power.

P.S. I keep saying I’ll post those knitting pictures. Gah, I will do it sometime! Those pictures (which now I have to update them. Bleh.) have not been moved to my computer yet. I shall talk to my crew about this. *coughcough*


21 thoughts on “Team Phantom vs. Team Raoul

  1. Hannah says:

    let me say first-
    YOU DON’T LIKE GERARD BUTLER???? we are no longer friends. he’s probably one of my top favorite actors.

    ok, we can still be friends…. i guess.

    ok, I don’t think Emmy Rossuems (or however you spell it) voice is that bad. I think she has an amazing voice for her age. yeah, they *could* have gotten a better singer, but i like her voice. i hate her acting though. that’s what bugs me about her. because half the time (actually, almost all the time) it looks like she’s totally not singing.

    thirdly- yeah, i think i liked it on Broadway better. although sadly i did not see the Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman version… but it was still better then the movie. i think. and now i totally want to read the book because i’ve never read it.

    • Grace says:

      This is true, it’s not that bad. It’s extremely good for her age. But, I bet there’s better 18 year olds somewhere in the world. And yes, her acting skills are definitely not what they should be…for being in a movie, lol.

      Yes! The book is amazing! Not quite an “at night” book…cause it can get kinda spooky :-P

  2. Peter says:

    Okay I understand what you mean about the Phantom being the most amazing singer ever, and Gerard Butler is obviously not, but I think it still works. It shows a drastic difference between him and Raoul. As the Phantom, the somewhat gravelly voice works. It makes his voice more distinct.

    As far as Josh Groban being the Phantom…. absolutely not. He’d be perfect for Raoul, because his voice fits that character better. But as the Phantom… I don’t think so. He doesn’t look the part. Also, I highly doubt that he’s an actor and the Phantom requires more than just a singer.

    But that’s just me. =)

    • Grace says:

      You’re right, the distinction is important. But, it maybe just me, but I think that they could have found a different quality, rather than gravelly-ness.

      True, but they could drastically change his appearance in…Phantom-looking ways. He would also make an amazing Raoul as well. Both parts are amazing, but I’d like to hear Josh Groban sing more of the Phantom’s stuff…rather than Raoul’s. And that’s also just me :-P

  3. Sandra says:

    Well I agree with you mostly, I suppose… :)

    I am going to have to say that I think the Broadway production HAS to be better! Not that I’ve ever seen it or anything :( But from what I have heard (and I’ve Heard a TON) everything about it is better! So I can only address what I know :)

    Regarding the Story:
    I think that the Phantom would be an awful choice because of the stalking, killing and the like. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with someone who had or was able “control” me… but maybe I’m weird.
    I also think that Raoul is an awful choice! And he is a bit of a baby-man, with the long hair and crying.
    So I think that Christine had to choose the “lesser evil” of the two. Raoul does live above ground, have a life, and money, therefore making him the “lesser evil” for me, I guess.

    Regarding the Cast of the Movie:
    I happen to LOVE Gerard and an actor (and I practically MELT each time I hear him talk with his accent!) This is not my favorite of his roles, AT ALL!
    I think they wanted Raoul to be the proverbial White Knight (you know, strong, protective, rich, caring) in the movie so that Christine would have an “obvious” choice…
    I agree with you about Christine, though. I think she was too young to play such a strong vocal role, and I don’t think that she did ANY research and Opera Singing. Throughout the WHOLE movie, her mouth is open only an inch! If even that!

    So if you made me choose a team… I’d have to be on team Raoul (seeing as how I like living ABOVE ground…
    But if I was able to make my own team it would be –
    Team ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Songs and Music!

    There are my opinions, haha :)
    And I still love you, Grace, even though you may not like Gerard… :)

    ~P.S. 335 words, just thought I’d let you know :)

    • Grace says:

      Wooooow. Lol, this is AWESOME. You definitely get the comment award! :-P

      I wouldn’t either, to the marrying some creepy guy. I forgot to mention in the post, but marriage wise…I think Christine chose correctly. But she should have been like…”Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!” instead of like…”*sing* I’m going off with Raoul!! *sing* here’s your RING…*sing* I’m leaving now! *sing* for FOREVER!! *sing*” But that’s just me.

      Lol. Personal preference :-P That’s a good way of putting it! Raoul is a…White Knight. But…a really wimpy White Knight, lol. She might have done a little…she had to have had some to hit those notes (and I’m not entirely sure that all of those notes were all her…but that might just be me.) and I totally agree with you, her mouth was like *zip* Such a horrible problem…gah.

      Lol, well….Team Raoul definitely has it’s benefits. Such as…living above ground. Lol. Actually, in the book the Phantom says that he wants to live above the ground and live a normal life with Christine.

      Lol, I love you too, Sandra :-P Thank you for your wonderful comment :-P And that…is a lot of words…a lot of awesome words :-P

  4. Janna says:

    I’m not going to read everyone else’s comments…

    but I found your post entertaining.

    To be honest, I don’t like the newest (2004) Phantom of the Opera movie.

    Something about it bothers me. You just cannot, cannot, cannot try to make a movie out of a theatrical performance. That’s what bothered me about the movie; it was a MOVIE, not a Broadway performance.

    Broadways are supposed to blow you away by the costumes, the lighting, the talented cast, the mind blowing vocals, the dancing, etc. They’re colorful, huge and well. . . theatrical.

    You just can’t capture that life on camera. It bothered me that they tried to replicate the Broadway performance with sub-par actors and sub-par vocals. Not that they were BAD, they just weren’t great. And when you’re watching a movie, you EXPECT that, especially since they have all the time in the world to edit stuff and get the vocal tracks correct. You’re not going to be blown away by costumes and lighting, the set, etc. You’re focus will mainly be on the actors. . . not that you don’t notice those things, but it’s kind of hard to be blown away by them on a little teeny screen. There’s just something exciting about seeing people perform live, because at this point there’s little they can do to enhance the vocals and talent. It’s just there, and you know this awesome voice coming from them is THEIR’s. You don’t have that on the movie, and when those things don’t blow you away on a movie, you know the director did something wrong.

    If you’re going to try to put a Broadway performance on a movie, at least change it up a little bit, like incorporating more acting in it, because like I said. . . movies can’t capture the awesomeness of a live performance. The acting wasn’t great, the singing wasn’t great. . . I guess the casting just wasn’t great.

    I don’t know what else to say, or how to tie what I said together. . . but I was overall disappointed with the movie. I thought they’d do something a lot more spectacular with the set, the acting, the special effects, etc. It wasn’t a bad movie, it just wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. What a shame…

    • Grace says:

      Exactly, Janna! I think that’s a huge disappointment….I’ve seen the Phantom twice live, and there is nothing in the entire world that can match it’s….more than amazingly awesomeness. I don’t think it’s possible. Thanks for the comment!!

  5. Kaley Branstetter says:

    Ok, so this post is just pretty awesome. Firstly, because you’re awesome. Secondly, because Phantom of the Opera is awesome. And that’s a lot of awesomeness.

    I really need to watch/listen to the Broadway version. I really do. Sarah Brightman kind of annoys me, from what I’ve heard of her singing. And, the movie…I really like it and I think Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum did a good job, but I do agree, there were definitely better people for the parts singing wise.

    And Josh Groban would be the most AMAZING Raoul ever. All I Ask of you would be simply breathtaking if he sang it! AHH!

    I’m Team Raoul, mostly because of Sandra’s Reasons :) I love the Phantom’s songs, and I feel really sorry for him, and I’m glad he made the right descision in the end. BUT, he kills people and he’s really creepy.
    And Raoul is really sweet and nice and good-guy-ish. But he is a kind of a wimp, which I don’t like. And his HAIR. But, over all, I like him better than the Phantom. But I can definitely understand those who are Team Phantom :)

    However, I LOVE hearing people who have different opinions, and I love how we can all have our own preferences and it’s all cool!!

    • Grace says:

      Thaaank you!!! And thank you for your doubly awesome comment (1) it’s awesome. 2) you wrote it.)

      Yes, Sarah Brightman….her voice can get a little annoying after awhile. And now, when she’s old…it’s like *cringe*

      Yess! I can totally understand why people love Raoul! And why people love the Phantom! Everyone is different…lol.

      I know! It’s been a lot of fun hearing what everyone thinks :-P

  6. Hannah says:

    the thing i like about her voice is how she has such a broad range. But yeah, I’m sure there are better 18 year old singers out there. and yes! i hate how her moth is hardly open! it drives me crazy!

    I agree with the marriage thing. The Phantom is a little too creepy to be married to, but i really wouldn’t want to marry Raoul either… ewwww… and doesn’t the Phantom say in one of his songs how he hates living under the ground? I want to say it’s in “Down once more”…. but he can’t live with people because of his face.

    And about the Josh Groban thing, there’s no way he could be the Phantom. He totally does not fit the role look wise. He could be his voice, but he’d look so much better as Raoul

    • Grace says:

      Yes, her range is amazing. Along with Raoul’s, his range is amazing as well.

      Well, he has those masks…that pretty much cover everything up. I think he was planning that no one, except Christine, would really know. And Raoul…and all the people that saw him, lol.

      But he could! if they really really tried, he’d look like a really cool Phantom. or maybe I’m just imagining things :-P

  7. Lyric says:

    Thought you may enjoy the below. However, I’ll preface this by saying that I think Sarah Brightman’s performance in that performance is horrific.

    I think Groban would make a good Raoul, but I don’t believe he is a very good fit for the role of Phantom. I like G. Butler as Phantom; he is supposedly a mentally-imbalanced character, and I think Butler portrays that well…for better or worse. I have seen the performance live, and loved it…Butler is not the best, but still very enjoyable to watch, and I do think he’s attractive. He’s not a “pretty boy,” and that’s what I like about him.

    Also, take a look at this, all you Phantom enthusiasts:

    • Grace says:

      Oh, I’ve seen this before, a long time ago! Thank you for bringing this up!! Yeaaaaah, as she got older her singing voice kinda went…really down the drain. Which is sad, cause she used to be really good.

      He does, acting wise, Butler does do a good job. Yes, compared to a live performance….the movie definitely doesn’t have enough…spice. Or something. I’m not sure.

      And YES. What do you think of the storyline of Love Never Dies? I thought it kinda…really far fetched. But, I don’t know that much. The music sure is beautiful though… Thanks for the comment!!

      • Lyric says:

        I actually have forbidden myself from perusing the storyline of Love Never Dies. I want to see it live at some point, and want to be utterly surprised. Please, no one spoil it for me! ;) Haha…I’m exercising a great deal of self control, here. I’m quite the curious creature. :D

  8. Bre says:



    I agree on every point you make, ha…for serious :) Broadway version…fabulous. But I actually liked MY Phantom and Christine best out of all of the ones I heard…(Andrew Varela [he was an understudy but his voice gave me chills] and Trista Moldovan)…ANNND I think Josh Groban would be the best Phantom in the WORLD. Yeah. I do. :)

    • Grace says:

      Booyah! *high five* Team Phantom FTW!!

      Actually, I think we heard Trista both times we saw it…er, I saw it anyway. I’m not sure about the Phantom though…hmmmm.

  9. Caleb Lagan says:

    lol, would love to offer an opinion but the current topic is far beyond my realm of information, *bows to the opinions of greater minds*

  10. Margaret says:


    Booyah. I’m awesome.

    Annnd, you already know my views. They’re the same as yours. Lol.

    P.s. Monkey box!!!! :(

  11. Hannah L. says:

    Knitting for cold weather…:-P

    And I don’t even really have a clue what my opinions are, since my only exposure is my dad telling me why he doesn’t like the story and me hearing the songs on Pandora. :-D BUT it sounds like Christine is really rather stuck between two bad choices. And it also sounds like the writer did an amazing job of making a bad guy to swoon for, which is rather aggravating. To me. :-D

    In terms of singing and all, I don’t know how the movie is, because I’ve never seen it, but I LOOOVE Sarah Brightman. Good grief, her VOICE! It goes like *THIS* high!!! And it’s so…like…gorgeous. Anyways. I’m not a fan of Michael Crawford’s singing, really–he’s all right, but when you’re a Michael Ball fan already…he sort of lacks the rich depth. :-)

    So there’s my rather opinionated post on something I’m really not entitled to have an opinion about. :-D


  12. Emily Hayashida says:

    I am officially intimidated. I am clearly in the presence of some very great Phantom of the Opera fans. I don’t know if I want to throw in my own two cents >_>

    I suppose I’ll have to, though, in defense of my comment on Hannah E.’s post. To start, I’m on team Raoul all the way, and I’ve only ever seen the movie, which, apparently, didn’t do the Broadway or the book justice. So perhaps I’ve got a distorted picture of what the Phantom and Raoul are supposed to be like. But it’s all I have to go by, so accept my apologies beforehand.

    In the movie, I didn’t pick up that Raoul was girly or wimpy, even if his hair was a little… yuck. lol. At first he was a little flitty and immature, I’ll give you that, but as the film progressed he seemed to grow out of it. I thought that he was your average “Prince Charming” and knight in shining armor, which might not be quite as exciting as the Phantom, but is better nonetheless.

    Like I said, the Phantom was definitely the more exciting choice for Christine – he held his own twisted charm and allure. But still, I think it would be much wiser to pick one of those cliche Prince Charmings over a “Phantom”, who was quite corrupted with hatred and violence. He was kind of a creep. Still, you can’t help but feel bad for the Phantom, no matter whose side you’re on. He had a pretty rough life. -_-

    So there’s my defense of my views. I’ll try not to hate anyone who thinks otherwise :P

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