White shirts, HT, and Snow Globes!

(If this title confused you, it’s ok. It confused me too when I came up with it)

Plinky said today…”Find a picture (Online, or one of your own) and write a mini story about it.”

And that’s what I’m going to do.

*que picture*

This is an old picture. About…a year old. And all of these people in this picture, have definitely changed a lot. We’ve learned a lot of stuff since then (i.e. when and when not to wear white shirts…haha.)

So yes, these lovely girls and I went to camp (along with many many other awesome people) last summer, and we had so much fun. (This…isn’t a mini story. I’m just…well. kind of. never mind.)

And many inside jokes sprung from this year at camp, many jokes that are still alive and well today

(Don’t you love that? When you create a joke with a friend…that’s so funny, to these friends, that it’s still used a year later? It’s just awesome. Oooh yeah. HT!! That’ll never die. 5 stars for awesome jokes!)

Despite the many strange things that happened while going, during, and coming home from camp…these people are still my friends! Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, I am *that* weird. But we’re all weird, in our own weird ways.

Like…in awkward situations, or just conversations where the topic needs to be changed (haaaahahahahhahaa), I’ll always (always always. Just ask my friends. Any one of them) bring up Elmo. Yep. And that’s just the beginning.

…The end. Tada! My…mini not-so-much story. Wheeee!

My mom and I went and organized our knitting stuff today! Which took a LOT longer than I expected, but oh well. I was surrounded by yarn. It was all good.

But, this gave me the opportunity to take pictures of my current projects! And old ones, that need to be revived. Which will happen. Someday.

Sad thing, I don’t have these pictures quite yet. But they will be coming my way SOON. So, hopefully (this is not a YES, seeing as…my plans are known for random changes before, heh heh.) hopefully I’ll put those up tomorrow with links, titles, captions, the works.

Then…yeah. That also means I can update my Ravelry, which is always a happy thing. Not a big fan where you have a project going…and it’s awesome, but you don’t have any pictures. So it’s a sad white box. Yeah, that’s not so fun.

Oh, and THANK YOU readers, for making my blog have almost 700 views this month! Seriously, that is AMAZING. You people are awesome.

And as a “Thank you” gift…not really…type thing. What is one thing you’d like to see me blog about? Besides deep and extremely serious subjects, cause I’m horrible at doing that.

Snow globes?

Man, I wanted to think up this awesome list. But…”snow globes” were the only thing that came to mind. Wow, that’s…a major fail.

Haha, anyway, comment with your ideas! Thanks a bunch!!


2 thoughts on “White shirts, HT, and Snow Globes!

  1. Hannah L. says:

    Ummm…you could blog about…



    Because it’s just something everybody should blog about. I mean…I do…like a lot…

    (And the fact that I only have like six frequent readers is totally beside the point.)


  2. Jenny says:

    lol your old projects, being revived someday.. finally happened for one of em just last week! didn’t take you too long =P

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