NYC – Day 1! (+Pictures!!)

Yaaaay for prewritten posts! It’s actually August 13th, at…11:29 P.M. And it’s too late for all that stuff. So I’m going to copy and paste my prewritten post, and just add the pictures! And it’s going to post it…tomorrow! Er, today, from the point of whoever is reading this.

And so?

my story.
I am sooo tired right now, it’s not even funny. (Haley, you were right. You feel horrible. I even got 2 hours of sleep, and I still feel horrible right now.) Thankfully….we can sleep in tomorrow.

So, I got up at 3:00 this morning. It was one of those times where you finally fall asleep…then all of a sudden you have to get up. And it feels like no time as passed at all.

I got ready, finished packing my important stuff, and we left. We checked in, and everything was fine.

Does it ever happen to you, when the time comes to go through security in the airport…and you get this horrible feeling that they’re going to find something? Even though you know you don’t have anything?

Our flight left at 6: something, and so when we boarded the plane, it was still dark out. You could still see the stars. BUT that meant that we got to watch the sunrise from the plane. Which was amazing

And we also so multiple clusters of huge clouds

and the beautiful sky…

I knit on a sock. My first toe-up sock. I was so excited.

But it ended up being HUGE. So I’m not going to be working on that anymore. So, now I’m going to focus on the Featherweight Cardigan…until we get to the yarn stores :-P


They don’t serve Dr.Pepper. ANYWHERE. I think I’m going to DIE. Seriously.

The end.

Ok, to Haley and Kaley, the AIRPLANE WING. IT FREAKED ME OUT. To those who don’t know, watch this: (warning: don’t watch at night, unless you can handle UBERLY creepy things.)

I just remembered that, and didn’t put in my original post :-P

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2 thoughts on “NYC – Day 1! (+Pictures!!)

  1. Jenny says:

    Haha, I always get nervous with security/police people. Even when I’m entirely innocent! I think they just emanate this aura of “whatever you’re hiding, we’re going to find it. Be afraid.”

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